Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tamil Actress Blue Film, Pics, Blue Film Gossips

Time and again many so called blue films of Tamil actresses have been cropped up on the internet. These movie clips are short and are uploaded on the forums. More often than not these blue films are fake and morphed ones. Here we look at some of the most infamous scandals of Tamil heroines.

namitha blue film
namitha hot scene
Namitha Blue Film :This was perhaps the most famous scandals that any Tamil movie celebrity has faced. The clip showed buxom babe having intercourse with a guy. It turned out that the movie was a morphed one. Later a new scandal came to light that showed Namitha topless changing dress in caravan.

malavika blue film
Malavika Blue Film : This blue film became a rage on the web when actress Malavika was just married and was on honeymoon. The uploader of this nude clip labeled as Malavika honeymoon video. The actress was shocked when she returned.

bhumika blue film
bhumika blue film
bhumika blue film
Bhoomika Chawla Blue Film : This film was perhaps one of those rarest blue films that did not seem to be fake. Although it was a morphed one but either the girl in the movie was so akin to Bhumika or the morphing had been done with such a finesse that most of the people believed that the girl having sex in the movie was Bhoomika herself.
nayantara  blue film
Nayantara Blue Film : This blue movie showed the actress Nayantara having oral sex with a guy. The short clip only showed the face of the actress very closely and was very grainy. The face of the guy was not shown. This turned out to be morphed one but some say it was original and the guy in the clip is her BF.

anushka blue film
anushka blue film
Anushka Blue Film : This film was touted as belonging to the time when Anushka was ayoga teacher and to gain a foothold in the industry she used to pleasure the bigwig of industry. This BF too turned out to be a fake scandal.

farzana blue film
Farzana Blue Film : This was a recent BF uploaded on the internet and showed voluptuous actress in full nude.