Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shamita Shetty Showing Her Privates, Caught Without Underwear

shamita shetty showing herShamita Shetty Showing Her .....

There is something about celebrities that we tend to exaggerate every aspect about their life. Their small achievements are magnified and their small mistakes form the favorite topic of gossip-mongers and general public at large. A case in point was Shamita Shetty, the bollywood actress who just walked out of a reality show. She was caught unawares sometimes ago when she attended a function. This madam wore a sexy dress showing her sexy legs and thighs but what let the sighs out of every shutterbug and later millions of people was that a peek at her pinky. She was flashing her vagina in all its glory unaware that it will be one of the most scandalous snaps of a bollywood actress. Here is another example. Trisha , the sexy southy. Who just managed to hide what Shamita Shetty was showing to public.

trisha upskirt
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