Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kavita Bhabhi, Kavita Bhabhi The Sexy Cousin Of Savita Bhabhi

kavita bhabhiAfter Savita Bhabhi who is dubbed as the maiden virtual pornstar of conservative India, there is a cousin of sexy bhabhi who is ready to rock the internet. Her name is Kavita bhabhi. Kavita bhabhi is married Indian housewife who is bored and neglected by her husband. She is looking for amorous adventures with any male who happens to cross her way. Kavita bhabhi wears seductive tight blouse and sari below navel. She talks in a double meaning way. She likes offers "Milk" to her special guests. Before you get too excited, let me make it clear, Kavita bhabhi is a prank played someone who has set up a website in her name. The moment you visit site, you are asked your name and taken through a supposed erotic story page by page like in Savitha babhi series. In the end though you discover that you are made April fool!