Friday, April 3, 2009

Jayasudha Hot Bikini Photos, Telugu Actress Jayasudha Fakes On The Web

This year elections have seen a new trend. The trend of more and more sleaze. Previously, it was the nude MMS of former actress and now TDP leader Roja, now it is the Bikini pics of Jayasudha. Suddenly, the exposing bikini photos of Jayasudha have erupted on the internet.
jayasudha looking sexy in bikiniLooking at the photos one can say there is no big deal as Jayasudha was a heroine and glamour is the quintessential part of entertainment industry. But this has not stopped rivals to point fingers at the semi nude panties exposing pics of the former actress. What is more, people are also talking about the fake nude photos of this political leader on some forums.