Saturday, January 3, 2009

Savita, www.Savita Still A Rage Among Indians

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Last year a cartoon series was released on the web which became a rage and also a concern because of its content. We are talking about Savita Bhabhi cartoon series, the first virtual India pornstar. Since its launch, this adult comic strip is very popular in India and in other countries too. Although, the script of Savita Bhabhi is crafted to appeal to the sexual fantasies of Indian mindset. Bhabhi the hindi word for sister-in-law or to put it more precisely, the wife of elder brother. Although, the relation of Bhabhi and Dewar, brother-in-law has some nuances of mischief but it is very dimly suggestive and Bhabhi is considered like a mother in Indian tradition.

Now this Savita Bhabhi comic strip has given intensely erotic color to that relationship and this is what most of the Indians find scandalous. The interesting thing is that the majority of visitor are from India only. So it seems the character of Savitha Bhabhi has brought to surface which was suppressed for a long time. Many psychologists have analyzed the trend and are of same opinion. The negative effects of this strip cannot be underestimated and keeping this in mind there were voice urging to ban the website too but since is hosted outside of India, nothing much can be done about it.

There is other side to Savita Bhabi too. Indian mindset which was considered a bit orthodox is no more so. It demands sexual openness and the popularity of forums hosting Indian erotica is a proof. I think over time Savita Bhabhi will get less and less popular as people will get no excitement which was present when the series was new. Then there was an excitement which is inherent fulfillment of the illicit fantasies.

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