Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Moto E Is a Game changer?

Recently Motorola released Moto G ,th 14K wonder, with specifications that put sub 20K phone to shame. It was a instant hit and currently out of stock. This phone made people sit up and take notice of a company that is rising like a phoenix.

Shortly, the company released Moto E with a price tag of 6999/-. The phone features 1GB RAM, High Definition display that is rare in phone in this range, latest version of Android KitKAt. This phone may well be the final blow to the established structure of Indian mobile industry.

With Moto E, Motorola has hit the right spot of our mobile market. And why just Indian market? Moto E has been popular in other countries. The only hitch is that it is available exclusively from Flipkart. There too it keeps running out of stock every now and then.

The next step for the company must be to sell this in open market.If it does so, it will will blow all cylinders in one go as its competitors simply do not have the products to fill the niche Motorola has created.